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My friends

F : friendly
R: respective
: irreplaceable
E: essential
N: natural
D: divine


Friends are like parachutes.
If u fall, they will catch you!


a friend is someone who

knows the song in your heart

& can sing it back to you

when you've forgotten the words


The first picture shows my neighbour who is currently in australia for work & travel and me on the eve party 2010/2011 in the c1 cinema Braunschweig

The second picture shows on the left side my best female friend and on the left side next to me my best friend 

The third picture shows me and some friends in Düsseldorf. We were on the Sensation White, which is a huge Eve - Event in a football stadium but u have to be dressed completly in white ;)


The pictures after this shows, that my fellow students and me know how to make party like ROCKSTARS until we have to go to the next meeting in class *smile*


Often we go in the Jolly Joker in Braunschweig on Tuesdays, because it is the day on which several students from Braunschweig,Salzgitter,Wolfsburg etc. come to the Jolly Joker.


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