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Welcome on my Homepage

I'm glad, that you visit my Homepage and take time to get to know me.

Hope you will have a nice time on this page and enjoy the chillout-lounge music too.

Hi, my name is Markus Drößler.

On this webside I want to introduce myself, show you some pictures and we will see what else you can find on this side ;).


But first, I want to tell you the meaning of this "aka Amigo del Sol"

I love the sun and the summer and there was a party line-up which was called Amigos_del_Sol where very exlcusiv summerpartys were celebrated.

But the second explanation isn't that much important :)


I took this Synonym, becuase of his translation.

It signifys for friend of the sun and thats what I am.




When you enjoyed the time on my homepage, please write something in my guestbook.

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