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Braunschweig offers everything for a comfortable, stressless and amused life.

The picture on the right side shows one of the historical districts in Braunschweig which is called the Magnieviertel.

The Magnieviertel is known for his "Wächter" who is a man, who does sight-seeing tours throug the whole Magnieviertel and the ending is the bar "Wächter" named like the man.


There are some other beautiful and comfortable bars in this historical district like the "Altstadt-Treff" or an irish pub.

Braunschweig's diamond are the "Schloss Arkarden". In here, you can find different offers of shops, restaurants and bars.

The Frontside of this buildung shows a rebuild of the old Castle of Braunschweig, which was destroyed in the second World war.

An actual issue is the football club of Braunschweig the "Eintracht Braunschweig" which climbed to the second national league and were placed on the first place.

At the end of July there will be a match against FC Bayern München, where popular football stars like Schweinsteiger comes to Braunschweig.

What a pleasure. *smile*


One of the most singed songs sounds like:

"Between Harz and Heide land, there is a club which is well known. In the colours blue and yellow, the most beautiful colours in the world..."

what describes this club in a short sentence.

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